University of Dar es salam
Chemistry Department

Publications for Dr. G. Kinunda

  1. Nkabinde, Slindokuhle V., Grace Kinunda, and Deogratius Jaganyi. "Mechanistic study of the substitution reactions of [Pt (II)(bis (2-pyridylmethyl) amine) H2O](ClO4) 2 and [Pt (II)(bis (2-pyridylmethyl) sulfide) H2O](ClO4) 2 with azole Nucleophiles. Crystal structure of [Pt (II)(bis (2-pyridylmethyl) sulfide) Cl] ClO4." Inorganica Chimica Acta 466 (2017): 298-307. Read more
  2. Kinunda, Grace, and Deogratius Jaganyi. "Kinetic and mechanistic studies of cisplatin analogues bearing 2, 2′-dipyridylalkylamine ligands." Transition Metal Chemistry 41, no. 2 (2016): 235-248. Read more
  3. Wang, Yanan, Zhishan Li, Weihua Ma, Grace Kinunda, Hongxia Qu, and Qin Zhong. "Steam treatment of a hollow lithium phosphate catalyst: enhancing carbon deposition resistance and improving the catalytic performance of propylene oxide rearrangement." RSC Advances 6, no. 62 (2016): 57000-57008. Read more
  4. Kinunda, Grace, and Deogratius Jaganyi. "Understanding the electronic and π-conjugation roles of quinoline on ligand substitution reactions of platinum (II) complexes." Transition Metal Chemistry 39, no. 4 (2014): 451-459. Read more
  5. Kinunda, Grace, and Deogratius Jaganyi. "A kinetic study of aqua ligand substitution in dinuclear Pt (II) complexes containing four non-coplanar pyridine ligands." Transition Metal Chemistry 39, no. 8 (2014): 939-949. Read more
  6. Mubofu, Egid B., James EG Mdoe, and Grace Kinunda. "The activity of invertase immobilized on cashew nut shell liquid-templated large pore silica hybrids." Catalysis Science & Technology 1, no. 8 (2011): 1423-1431. Read more